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Investments in cryptocurrency
markets. Blockchain developments.
Financial and cryptocurrency
startups. Crypto-asset management.

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The fund was established in 2O15 with the target of maximizing returns on select crypto-assets and crypto currency projects.


We are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, analysts traders and business builders with many years of experience.

  • We have created ECash Investment Fund as a means of supporting and investing in financial technology and a venture capital fund. Using revolutionary technology, we hope to create transparent, just and accessible financial instruments. O 1
  • Our competence and experience in cryptocurrency trading coupled with a conservative approach to asset management lets ECash® Investment Fund exploit the full potential of the cryptocurrency market. O 2
  • In addition to the classic cryptocurrency asset trading, we see our goal in the development of the global financial market as a whole. We invest in leading financial and cryptocurrency startups with great joy and responsibility. O 3

We believe cryptocurrency is the future of money

  • In the last 5 years we have made over 20 investments in companies and protocols in the financial sector, across different stages, geographies and asset types. O 4
  • Today, ECash® Investment Fund continues that legacy, investing in founders with bold ideas that span industries and continents, partnering with them from inception to IPO and beyond to maximize the potential of their ideas… and make history. O 5

F e a t u r e s

  • Asset Management

    We use solutions that minimize the risks of managing our crypto assets

  • Cryptocurrency Investment

    A variety of investment solutions that ensure our stable growth

  • Targeted Investments

    We are investing in a crypto industry company

  • AI and Mathematical modeling

    Technological gap as a factor of success

  • Experience and skills

    Professionals as the key to success

  • 16O million dollars

    Net assets of the funds as of May 1, 2O22

D e v e l o p m e n t

Our solutions are based on advenced technology.

Mobile Security

Our company develops and integrates the solutions for mobile security (cryptographic protection, encryption of data streams, VPN) which can detect any malicious software.

Mobile Security image
Mobile Banking image
Mobile Banking

We are actively working on the development of mobile financial applications. Our online banking solutions are based on blockchain technology.

P r o j e c t s

We cooperate with the most successful betting and poker syndicates in the world

Tycoon Syndicate

We participate in the creation of international online betting and gambling platforms.


We are working on projects that expand financial freedom and simplify access to complex financial instruments.

Tycoon Team
Tycoon Team

We cooperate with smart & shark teams of financial traders and analysts.